Harddisk Search & Stats: main screen
When you start Harddisk Search & Stats by double-clicking on HDSearchAndStats.exe in the Windows Explorer, it will present you with its main screen (as displayed in the screenshot directly above).
Selecting a folder to search in
The top part of the screen allows you to select a folder to search in. Click the browse button, type in the folder manually, or select previously searched folders through the drop-down list. The 'start search' button will initiate the search.
Recurse folders
This option is enabled by default. When disabled, only files in 'Folder to search' are searched, files in any subfolders are not searched.  When enabled, files in 'Folder to search', as well as in sub-folders of 'Folder to search' are searched (recursive).
Search by file type
When you want to search by file type, check 'Search for file type'. You can add new file types manually by directly typing them in, each file type should be entered on a separate line. Alternatively, you can make HD Search and Stats import file types automatically by scanning the selected folder. For this, just click the button 'import file types'.
Search by file name
You can also search according to file name, with wildcards. To search by file name, check 'Search for file name'.
Examples for 'search by file name':
To search/find all files starting with 'b', type 'b*' in this field (the '*' is the wildcard).
To search/find all text files starting with 'b', type 'b*.txt'
Search inside files
When you want to search inside files, check 'Search inside files'. When you just want to search for files by file type and/or file name with wildcards, uncheck this option.
The larger edit field directly below this checkbox is used for specifying one or more search phrases for searching inside files.
Please enter each search phrase on a separate line.
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