To access the Harddisk Search & Stats options, just open the third  tab (screenshot below).
List files with 0 occurrences: disabled by default. When enabled, files containing zero occurrences of all search terms are included in the search results in the main screen. When disabled, files containing zero occurrences are not listed.
File viewer: specifies which viewer opened when one double-clicks on a line in the search results.
- Use internal viewer: when when enabled, Harddisk Search & Stats opens its internal viewer after you double click a search-results items (enabled by default)
- Use Windows default: opens the program which Windows has associated with the file, which program this will be, depends on the type of the file.
- Custom viewer: the program you have selected with the 'select' button will open the file you double-click.
Clear folders dropdown list
This button will remove all items from the 'folder' dropdown list which can be found on the top of the screen.
Clear filenames dropdown list
This button will remove all items from the 'Search for filename' dropdown list in the first tab.
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